Professional Science Master's

An Innovative New Degree Program

The PSM is designed to prepare students with the scientific training necessary to advance and excel in science, while simultaneously developing highly valued business skills. Programs are characterized by "science-plus" curricula, combining rigorous graduate study in science or mathematics with skills-based coursework in management, policy, or law. PSM programs emphasize the written and verbal communication skills, leadership, and team-building required in professional settings. Instead of a thesis, most PSM degrees require a collaborative research project, as well as an internship in a business or the public sector. PSM graduates are equally as comfortable in the science lab as in the board room, court room, and other professional settings.


PSM Employer Flyer: The PSM Office prepared this flyer for use by employers seeking to disseminate and obtain information about the PSM and its value to science and business. This flyer highlights what the Professional Science Master's (PSM) degree is and how the PSM is designed to prepare students with the scientific training necessary to advance and excel in science, while simultaneously developing highly valued business skills. 


PowerPoint: The PSM Office prepared this PowerPoint presentation for use by employers seeking information about the PSM and the value of employing a PSM graduate. It will be updated as new information becomes available and can be downloaded and adapted for use by employers. PSM program directors should contact the PSM Team if they have any questions.

If your company wants to capitalize on the next big breakthroughs in:

  • Applied Mathematics
  • Biotechnology
  • Computational Chemistry
  • Environmental Science
  • Human Computer Interaction
  • Human Prosthetics
  • Industrial Physics
  • Quantitative Finance
  • Scientific Instrumentation
  • Or any other High-Tech Field

Then you need people with PSM degrees in the sciences and mathematics!

For a complete list of PSM-affiliated programs and institutions, please visit the PSM Program List.

Get Involved with PSMs – Mentor a Student or Hire a Graduate

If you or your company would like to get involved with the next generation of leaders in science and mathematics, we encourage you to mentor PSM students or hire PSM graduates. These individuals are:

  • Interdisciplinary scientists. PSM students receive advanced training at the cutting-edge interfaces of science and technology. The combination of science with professional skills and experience means PSM graduates require minimal additional training, saving employers time and money in professional development.
  • Excellent communicators. PSM students are often trained in business management, conflict management and negotiation, writing, and presentation skills. The "science-plus" training prepares the PSM graduate to serve as the liaison between corporate research groups and business administration, or to even handle the job of both groups.
  • Innovative problem-solvers. The PSM capstone experience is a team-oriented, multidisciplinary research project addressing challenges and opportunities in the real world. The PSM graduate’s capstone and internship experiences prepare them to hit the ground running for your company.

Testimonial From An Industry Leader

"Students in the Professional Master's Degree Program in Applied Biosciences should find advancement prospects significantly enhanced in the biotechnology industry, particularly relative to more traditional master's degreed students."

David Robinson
Chairman, President, and CEO, Ligand Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Chairman of the Board and Director, Biotechnology Industry Organization

Read more corporate testimonials and view lists of businesses that support PSM students and hire PSM graduates.


PSM Programs: 347
PSM-Affiliated Institutions: 161

as of January 26, 2016

Full List of PSM Programs


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